HiGH&LOW Twitterまとめ


@NoChillNoel 2016/06/16 11:01
From elementary school to HiGH school me and my girl autumn?? #graduation #graduation2k16… https://t.co/3nhnM2OyXk

@shazam_bangles 2016/06/16 11:01
Tell me why I bought a FAMU starter pullover at Jew Town as a white dude in HiGH school.  ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄ The Rattlers! lol I liked their logo ??

@shababyzamany 2016/06/16 11:01
RT @KhaliaRose: California Becomes First State To Make Sexual Consent Lessons Mandatory In HiGH Schools Beginning Next Year https://t.co/Sp…

@BABPEEGFIVE 2016/06/16 11:01
RT @_wrayp_: for my HiGH school talent show i did the thing where you rub the rims of glasses to make music but i did it with buttholes

@godblesskr 2016/06/16 11:01
@StockSlammer @alphatrends better to sell HiGH and buy low

@Noooelleee_ 2016/06/16 11:01
Lanier Elementary Da Vinci Academy Dutchtown Middle School Dutchtown HiGH School Hampton HiGH School https://t.co/HT3omXbAjG

@Tee_Cee23 2016/06/16 11:01
RT @WorldStarFunny: He thought he was getting a HiGH 5 ???? https://t.co/uohsZvgwfo

@540WXYG 2016/06/16 11:01
BYRDS - Eight Miles HiGH https://t.co/MQxl3IGJmz #nowplaying #listenlive

@SDHS_GBBall 2016/06/16 11:01
No better way to top off a full day of Jr. Crusader and HiGH School Camp then getting a couple of W's! #HWP

@no_llama_drama_ 2016/06/16 11:01
RT @ABHdipbrows: @ABHdipbrows name the brand or just say "I have no mascara" & I'll hook a sister up with a HiGH end type! (If it's a dipb…

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